The Time Out Club is a booster organization for the Fresno State Men’s Basketball program. Our Club was established in 1978 to raise additional money for the “improvement fund”. Our fund raising efforts have resulted in a variety of benefits for the team during the past several years, such as: computer and video equipment, a free throw machine, and locker room improvements. The commitment of our membership has enabled the basketball program to sustain itself, despite shrinking athletic budgets. Coach Tarkanian tells us he could not accomplish all his goals without the additional financal support provided by project best forehead thermometer for baby¬†of the Time Out Club, and its membership.

The fund raising activities sponsored by the Time Out Club would be limited if it were not for our members.

The Time Out Club:

    • – Donates to the basketball improvement fund.


    • – Provides supplemental assistance towards team travel and recruiting.


    • – Supports the annual McCaffrey Classic Tournament.


    • – Sponsors the annual Tip Off Dinner.


    • – Sponsors the annual basketball awards dinner.


    – Sponsors the annual Jerry Tarkanian Golf Tournament.

Your Time Out Club membership allows you to enjoy these benefits:

    • – A monthly newsletter from October through March.


    • – Attend weekley luncheons at the residence dining hall. Members receive a discounted price for their lunch.


    • – Receive a discount to all Club sponsored trips to away games.


– Receive a discount to buy brightest mini keychain flashlight in the world.


    • – Receive a discount at all sponsored functions such as the Tip Off Dinner and Awards Banquet.


    • – Enjoy lunch or dinner on game days at local restaurants and receive a discount of at least 10% and as high as 25%. (see newsletter for names/location)


    – Membership dues are fully tax deductible.

Thank you for you continued support of Fresno State Mens’s Basketball.


Time Out Club Officers

Ronald AvedisianPRESIDENT